The Belkin Conserve 10 Outlet Surge Protector with Wireless Remote – Now In All Our Homes

As part of a drive to attract more business users to Savoie, we have installed some new features into some of our apartments. Most notably, we have just outfitted all of our apartments with the latest in power surge protection for business laptop users who cant afford to lose critical data. Thanks to MES Power, we had these bought, configured and installed in just a few days – well done guys. So, why choose Belkin? Well, our tech manager Florence, explains.

Over the past five years, Belkin's surge protected power strips have taken over the back of every appliance, every device that ever should need electrical protection. A new 10-outlet surge protector from Belkin, part of the company's aptly named Conserve range does more than merely to try save your equipment from surges. It tries to help you save power with the simple click of a switch. The Conserve lets you shut down most of its 10 outlets and the power-hungry devices connected to them with the press of a single button, while allowing you to keep a couple of outputs turned on for always-on applications.

The concept behind the design of this 10 outlet surge protector is pretty straightforward. While you could indeed have all your electronics go into power saving standby mode themselves, they can all usually add up to something pretty substantial even if they only a sip couple watts at a time. The Conserve 10 outlet surge protector from Belkin lets you completely turn everything off with a button to cut standby mode wastage to zero. Items like your wireless Internet routers, your fax machines, your cordless phones or your DVR's, are allowed to stay on all of the time.

The 10 outlet model comes with an extra coaxial RF input-output to allow you to connect your satellite feed too. The surge protector itself comes with a 4 foot cord and all sockets come with childproof safety shutters that snap across unused outlets to prevent prying little fingers (babies or pets) from finding them. The best part is, the entire Belkin range of surge protectors comes with a lifetime $100,000 equipment warranty. If you should fry any equipment that's connected to a Belkin surge protector, you can consider your stuff replaced.

Actually, the real selling point of the Conserve range is that these are devices that come with remote controls. Belkin must know that people don't really go to the trouble of turning things off if they have to get up and fumble behind a bunch of equipment to get to a switch. The remote  can be mounted on the wall where you can easily find it, and it can control more than one Conserve protector. If you have a lot of stuff connected to various Conserve protectors though, this could be a positive or negative, any which way you see it. It's a powerful remote with a range of 60 feet. You could conceivably end up turning off stuff unintentionally.

So how much do you really save in power costs using the Belkin Conserve 10 outlet surge protector? Modern equipment doesn't consume much when on standby. An LCD TV will cost you about 50 cents being on standby two full days. An Xbox will cost you a dollar being on standby a whole day. It depends on the kind of stuff you have connected to your surge protector, but it shouldn't take long for this Belkin unit to pay for itself. It's a must-have in any home with its plethora of electronic gadgetry.

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