Our latest promotion – skiing in T-Shirts!

We have recently embarked on a marketing campaign to promote a couple of new apartments in our portfolio. We decided to think outside the box so, what better way to generate some interest than by handing out free t-shirts at the local ski schools. We found a great company supplying them ready printed – Ashgrove Trading – thanks guys – and we are already getting great exposure in the local area for a really cheap outlay. So, what made us focus on this particular methoid of promotion? Well, heres what Ian our marketing manager had to say.

There are many different types of items that people use to promote their business. These promotional items are usually giveaways, but some people also give them out as prizes. Whatever the case, these physical giveaways work well. If you give someone a pen with your company name on it, they will think of you any time they pick it up. When they need what you have, you may very well be the first place they think to call. Pens work well, but some of the most popular items are promotional t-shirts.

The great thing about promotional t-shirts is that most people will take them, and even when they may never plan to wear them, they end up doing so anyway. People often stick them in their dresser or closet, and then end up wearing them when they have not done laundry. They wear these promotional tees when they need something different, when they think they may get dirty, or when they need to grab something and run. They get worn far more often than people think they do. That means the message on those shirts is being seen by many.

There are many types of promotional shirts you can get. You can have the t-shirt, of course, but don’t forget about sweatshirts, and even tank tops for ladies. They can be in any size and any color, and you can also get child’s sizes if that would fit your business message. What you want to put on your promotional shirts is up to you, but you do want to have your business name and logo at the very least. When thinking about the design, keep is simple and don’t make the lettering huge. That might help others seen the message better, but it lowers the chances of the shirt being worn. Get your message there, but make it look nice.

When you order promotional shirts, think ahead. You want to have more than you think you need, and that does help keep the cost down. Most companies give you discounts depending on how many shirts or other items you order. You will save more if you order more. You shouldn’t get promotional shirts that you will never be able to give away, but you should get a bit more than you need. You will end up using them. Look around for good prices, but don’t buy if you don’t like the samples they have to show you. You want quality as well as price, so shop online and in your community to see what you can find.

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