Savoie – Luxury Apartment Rentals

Whether its business and pleasure you can often be faced with a big problem when it comes to accommodation. Sometimes, you need to be in a place for several weeks or even months, which is far too long to want to stay in a hotel. Or, you might have to bunker down in a specific locale for up to a year, which is not long enough to warrant buying your own property, but still long enough to want to be able to have some kind of a semi-permanent home. What to do then? Well, have you considered luxury apartment rentals – if not then maybe you should.

Over the years, we’ve learned that short-term luxury apartment rentals such as those offered here at Savoie Apartments are perfect for extended vacations or even business trips. Depending on the location, it’s possible to lease these apartments such as these for as short a term as one or two weeks. We don’t know about you, but we’d much rather spend a week here skiing in a lavishly furnished condo than in a hotel. If you enjoy the extra privacy that apartments afford, then you will love being able to cook local delicacies for yourself instead of relying on restaurants – which, although nice, are quit expensive in this area. And actually, for people used to 5-star accommodations, our luxury apartment rentals aren’t that much more expensive than a comparable stay at some of the top hotels. Sure, you might end up paying a bit more, but the benefits are definitely worth it.

Luxury apartment rentals are also terrific for those who expect to be situated in the area for six months or a year. If you have had to do this during your career than we’re sure you will appreciate the benefits of  accommodation such as ours. Due to the nature of your job, you may often have to work with clients for extended periods of time. These aren’t situations where you will looking to actually relocate; most of the time you will just want somewhere to relocate to temporarily but, if you are on business your downtime is important and you wont want to compromise on quality. Here again, our luxury apartment rentals are much more preferable to extended hotel stays — mostly because you can at least feel like you have a home to return to after putting in 8 or 10 hours on the job. There’s nothing quite so depressing as living out of a hotel, so try to avoid it whenever possible.

Since we cater for business people so often, we have an excellent network of agents and private parties that we can lease to so, demand for the apartments is often very high – even in the be sure to plan well in advance when making your travel arrangements. If you’re looking for luxury apartment rentals, we think that we have the best in the area — so dont take a chance, after all who known what kind of accommodation you’ll get stuck with. On the whole, though, we definitely recommend short- or long-term luxury apartment rentals over hotel stays. If you’ve got the money to spend, why not be as comfortable as possible?